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Ghost Walk

Every October at our historic Linwood Cemetery, portrayalists dressed in Victorian-era garb stand next to the grave of the deceased person they’re representing. They authentically personify colorful characters from Glenwood’s past, in the dim light of relic kerosene lanterns. The stories they tell are real.

As is often the case, truth can be stranger than fiction; these compelling and quirky tales of the human experience of these residents of the late 1800s don’t need embellishment. And the performance from these talented actors offers a door to the past to travel back in time. The Ghost Walk brings history alive.

Guests of the Ghost Walk will meet a half dozen of Glenwood’s former residents: from the impoverished souls too poor to be buried in the main cemetery, to high falutin’ socialites—and our most notorious resident, Doc Holliday.

Luminaries such as community founder Walter Devereux, well-to-do immigrants like Harvey Lyle, mining entrepreneurs Mr. and Mrs. Sellar, and countless other citizens are laid to rest here. Reprobates, outlaws and miscreants like Kid Curry are interred at Linwood Cemetery. The departed buried in Potter’s Field—with no headstones—include anonymous soiled doves, slaves, indigenous people, indentured servants and other unfortunates.

If you go:

In a little over an hour, you will have met a half dozen notable historic figures on our Ghost Walk. Guides lead groups of 20 adults and children on three nightly tours.

The Ghost Walk takes place the last three weekends of October on Friday and Saturday evenings. Advance tickets are strongly encouraged, and may be purchased online starting October 1. The quarter-mile walk from the base to the cemetery is short but steep, so wear appropriate footwear and clothing for Colorado’s variable fall weather.


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